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***Please Note Only Available in FRANCE***

By providing the rider with objective feedback on the sensations experienced when training or competing.

Evaluating the quality of the horse’s canter and jump when approaching and landing, the regularity of strides, the symmetry and impetus, not forgetting the speed, the height of the jumps, and especially locomotive recovery after effort. Detailed, valuable indicators for measuring performance and progress with certitude.




The revolution is in the connection

It is official, the Internet of Things (IoT) is among CWD TECHNOLOGY's innovations. With the iJump application, the data recorded by the saddle and sent to a Smartphone via Bluetooth is analysed like never before.

Highly relevant criteria (balance, speed, regularity, approach, landing, symmetry during the jump, etc.) are synchronised to the video and indicate the horse's performance.




How does it work?

A robust, reliable electronic system is located in several areas of the saddle :

A sensor at pommel-level accurately measures the horse’s locomotion.
An antenna at cantle-level provides longdistance wireless communication with the iJump app via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The box is equipped with a solar panel to allow considerable autonomy : 8 hrs when taking measurements, and 4 weeks on standby.




iJUMP application: training in the pocket.

Available on App Store and Android, the iJump application is a jewel of precision and intuition. The app's menus can display performance point by point for several horses and several riders. After creating and personalising your account, iJump also offers training tips in addition to course consultation and analysis. Recover and display your performance of the day is easy..